Based on lives and stories of author Jessica Dawn Russell's life as the Beverly Hills REALTOR!

Adventures of SillyFox is Kate's big debut. What began as an impromptu bedtime story for her toddler slowly blossomed into a best-selling children's book. She's currently working on her untitled sophomore effort. We can't wait to see what imaginative yarn she weaves next!


Kate has a master's degree in English from Arizona State University. Previously a writer of corporate communications, she happily traded in her 9-to-5 gig for a rewarding career as a children's author. The best part: working from her home office, she gets to spend more time with her own silly fox.

Featured Author: Kate Mortenson

Sloan still working to achieve the top, Sloan worked with every elegant and trendy hotel of Beverly Hills and the Sunset strip filled with young businessmen, celebrities, and middle Eastern men of success and wealth,searching for real estate and Sloan willing to sell it, How can she get them to buy without buying her? As the women circled her prey,  the good turned bad and the bad turned badder! Even the boys in the Hollywood Hills want to play in that club. 
Welcome to Sloan's world.

         Beverly Hills Realtor takes us through the Journey of Sloan, a beautiful, sweet, naive and highly ambitions realtor in her 20's. Back to America with a degree in hand, she works her way into the establishment of Beverly Hills real estate where high risks and  financial gain is high and the residents were higher. One of the youngest agents in town, Sloan finds herself working among the finest agents in California and the residents of the Westside or Hollywood where the women are glamourous as Hollywood movie stars and the men like leading men. Sloan working hard and playing harder. She wined, dined, and hung out in the city while trying to build her clientele and figure out life slower than the fast paced shark infested business allows.  Working life away, one day Sloan meets a new agent at her office.  Looking straight into the way of a gorgeous Latin man named Xavier. Sloan did not realize how much Xavier would change her personal life and her business life. Xavier had nothing the city stood for but to her he had everything.